A true Spiritual Experience


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Here are some testimonials that I have received.


"Thank you for giving me peace of mind again"


"Fascinating!  I really enjoyed my reading and definitely learned a great deal.  Thank you very much!"


"As in the past meeting, your sharing was most interesting and helpful along this journey."


"Thank you, I enjoyed it all"


"Right on!  Enjoyed it lots"

Very good experience. I'm excited to move forward and listen to John, my spirit guide. I will pay attention to my mother visiting me and maybe we can make peace.

Extremely good experience. I'm moving forward and this is what is expected of me and to rely on Jean to be there with Mary.

Had my second reading today and again it was really good and most of the things in first reading came true. Will be back again to see what else will be true.

Was really impressed that he was able to tell me things that were happening now and glad to see that good things are in the future.

Simply amazing!! Thank you so very much!

Thanks for a great day!

An absolutely amazing day! So many emotions and things to think about. I thank you for your time, guidance and laughter.

Thank you so much for walking me through the introduction. I appreciate all of the excercises you've given today to take home with me!

An absolutely great day! Tranquil setting, great food and company. Very informative! Looking forward to working with you in future. Thanks so much.