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Written in an easily understandable format, this book will guide you through the process of learning how to read Auras. With a wide variety of topics, such as Auric Vision, Chakras, Color Management and self-healing, you will find the lessons easy to follow, and suitable for both beginner to advanced students.

Ken Mason is an internationally known psychic medium who has studied the Aura and the art of Colors for over eighteen years. His knowledge on this, combined with extensive experience working as a psychic medium and spiritual instructor, has afforded him the opportunity to teach a wide variety of subjects, and has published numerous books on both understanding and developing one's spiritual gifts.

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        Who Me is the book channeled by Ken Mason form his Spirit Guide Bernard.  The book contains extremely valuable insights into the Spirit World as well as how to develop spiritually.


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        Connecting to your Spirit Guide is a powerful tool that allows you to understand how Spirit Guides work and what you need to do to communicate with them. 

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        Meditations from a Spirit Guide is a collection of meditations given to me from Bernard over a period of time.  There is also a section that will show you how to create your own meditations and the benefit of Healing meditations.  The book contains over 30 meditations that will fit everyone's taste.


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        Spirit Guide Meditations.  This CD contains two powerful meditations that will assist you in meeting with your Spirit Guide. 

        The CD also contains a trust meditation that will allow you to develop trust with your Guide. 

         Finally, on Track 4, there is a 21 minute Crystal bowl melody that will open and clear your chakras.  Note:  This CD is included in the Connecting to you Spirit Guide book above.

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